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Mocek, Michal

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Právo - Czech Republic | 11/11/2015

Berlin's friendly façade is crumbling

Coming on almost a daily basis now, the retractions from Berlin's once so refugee-friendly course are proof that Germany's policy of openness has failed, the left-wing daily Právo writes: "Interior Minister Thomas de Maizière furnished the most recent proof of this when he talked openly last Friday of restricted asylum without family members being able to join relatives in Germany. As if family members didn't deserve any compassion. The minister was not punished for his statement. On the contrary, other politicians backed him and now the minister's words are official. … De Maizière's words and the ensuing deeds are not the only sign that Germany's stance is changing. … What will happen to the crumbling propagandist façade if the policy quietly changes step by step? It will end as it always does: one waits until everything is forgotten. And then the whole façade finally breaks down."

Právo - Czech Republic | 10/02/2009

Prague sets the wrong priorities

The Czech Republic, which currently holds the EU Council presidency, has announced a special summit meeting on the economic crisis and against protectionism. Prague also continues to adopt a critical stance regarding the position of President Nicolas Sarkozy to protect French car makers. The left-leaning daily Právo calls the government to order: "Good policy does not solve such issues with public statements, but behind the scenes. If the Czech Republic continues its disputes with France it will only harm itself, because they give the impression that it cannot cooperate with the other partners in the Union. ... Sarkozy has been admonished by the EU Commission. Prague should leave it at that and put its energy into finding solutions to the crisis. That is more important than verbal triumphs over Sarkozy."

Právo - Czech Republic | 15/12/2008

Not a nest of bureaucrats

The leftist daily Právo writes that the Central European states were able to make themselves heard in the climate discussions, particularly regarding the question of emissions: "The success is not theirs alone, however, it belongs to the entire Union. The Czech Republic, Poland, Hungary and other countries have negotiated exceptions to the new norms that will prevent them from going into a dangerous economic tailspin. In addition they can look forward to receiving hundreds of billions of crowns from the richer countries of the Union to modernise their energy production. ... The summit was able to balance differing opinions and often diametrically opposed interests. This shows that the image of the Union as a nest of bureaucrats who decide against the will of the states is far removed from reality. Rather, it is the governments of the member states that set the tone in Europe."

Právo - Czech Republic | 15/10/2007

Europe's chance in science

Michal Mocek comments on the winners of the 2007 Nobel Prizes: "Two of the three Nobel Prizes [in science] went to Europeans. This is encouraging for European science, which has constantly been dogged by a lack of funding and top-level scientists, and has weakened itself by conducting the same research in several countries. French physicist Albert Fert and German physicist Peter Grünberg have provided an example of how we can overcome these disadvantages. Initially each did his own research, and later they started cooperating. Europe needs this approach because it's not only under pressure from the US. In Asia too, there is a new generation of scientists which could establish itself at the top in 20 to 30 years' time. The results of this year's Nobel Prize awards have shown that Europe still has a chance. It must use it."

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