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Mauro, Ezio

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1.  La Repubblica - Italy | 05/09/2014

Ukraine crisis and IS overtax the West

The West is completely overtaxed by the Ukraine crisis and the spread of the terrorist militia Islamic State, editor-in-chief Ezio Mauro writes in the left-liberal ... » more

2.  La Repubblica - Italy | 28/11/2013

Italy back to normal with Berlusconi's expulsion

Former Italian head of government Silvio Berlusconi must give up his post as senator with immediate effect. The Italian Senate voted on Wednesday to expel ... » more

3.  La Repubblica - Italy | 02/08/2013

Fatal blow for the Titan

The myth of super-entrepreneur Berlusconi has finally been shattered, the left-liberal daily La Repubblica writes: "The verdict is final, the crime has been proven. The ... » more

4.  La Repubblica - Italy | 24/05/2013

Death certificate for Western politics

The London killing was an attack on Western society but it had little to do with Islam, the left-liberal daily La Repubblica argues. The paper ... » more

5.  La Repubblica - Italy | 04/12/2012

No alternative to change

Bersani may have defeated his 37-year-old rival Matteo Renzi but he has not quelled the people's desire for change, the left-liberal daily La Repubblica warns: ... » more

6.  La Repubblica - Italy | 23/05/2012

Frustrated Italians vote for protest candidates

In the local run-off elections that took place on Sunday and Monday in Italy, the Berlusconi party PdL lost two-thirds of its municipalities while the ... » more

7.  La Repubblica - Italy | 26/11/2010

Italy's citizens are waking up

Students, schoolchildren and professors took to the streets in Italy on Thursday to protest against planned cuts in the higher education sector. In Florence there ... » more

8.  La Repubblica - Italy | 19/11/2010

Saviano's words scare politicians

A row has broken out between Italy's interior minister, Roberto Maroni, and the writer Roberto Saviano. In a monologue aired on his political talk show ... » more

9.  La Repubblica - Italy | 08/07/2010

Italy protests against gag law

A number of Italian media are staging an information strike today, Friday, to protest a new anti-bugging law that among other things foresees draconian punishments ... » more

10.  La Repubblica - Italy | 14/06/2009

Berlusconi menaces freedom of the press

At a meeting with the country's business leaders on Saturday Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi referred to a danger of "subversion". According to the left-liberal ... » more


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