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Manstavicius, Antanas

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Alfa - Lithuania | 25/04/2013

Hope despite Navalny trial

The trial against the Russian opposition leader and blogger Alexei Navalny started in Moscow on Wednesday. The online portal Alfa believes that despite the proceedings Russian civil society has not yet lost all hope: "At a time when the Kremlin's fight against civil society is becoming ever more unrelenting, there are also signs that there can be no going back to the times of the unconditional dominance of state power. Alexei Navalny and other activists involved in protracted trials symbolise the hope that Russia can change after all. ... More and more Russians are daring to openly challenge Vladimir Putin's regime - on the streets, on the Internet, in blogs and social networks - despite the danger of ending up behind bars. ... The longer the opposition leader's legal Odyssey lasts and the more the crimes he is alleged to have committed are criticised, the more probable it will be that public opinion will change - to the detriment of the Kremlin."

Alfa - Lithuania | 20/09/2012

Arab Spring not dead

International media have begun to prophesy the death of the Arab Spring in the wake of protests in Muslim countries against the US-produced anti-Islam film. The portal Alfa disagrees: "It is too early to weep bitter tears. A far more interesting truth lurks behind the pictures of agitators published en masse in the media the world over. Fewer people have taken part in these protests than ever before. Cairo, for example has 9 million inhabitants, but only 1,000 have now gathered to protest on Tahrir Square. Last year hundreds of thousands met there for regular protests, despite the very real danger of being killed. And in the end they toppled the dictator Hosni Mubarak. Now, however, relatively few demonstrators are determined to climb the fences of US embassies or kill diplomats."

Alfa - Lithuania | 06/09/2012

Azerbaijan treats murderer like hero

The fact that Azerbaijan is treating Ramil Safarov, the soldier recently extradited by Hungary, like a hero draws harsh criticism from web portal Alfa: "After the EU member Hungary decided for reasons that remain unclear (but probably because of financial backing from Baku) to hand the convicted murdered over to Azerbaijan, President Ilham Aliyev gave the prisoner a hero's welcome at the airport. … Aliyev spent hundreds of millions of euros on hosting this year's Eurovision Song Contest in Baku to make sure the world saw Azerbaijan at its best. Now the country's reputation has been destroyed. … Azerbaijan's claims [in the Nagorno-Karabakh conflict] will be constantly overshadowed by the smiling face of the murderer in the near future. This is a major blow for a country that wants to free itself from Russia's influence."

Alfa - Lithuania | 24/05/2012

Putin's cronies in Medvedev's cabinet

The Russian President Vladimir Putin named the cabinet of his political protégé Dmitry Medvedev on Monday, reserving many key posts for his own trusted followers. Putin has once more shown who's wearing the trousers, writes the news portal Alfa: "The fact that the Russian president of all people has the last word in forming the government illustrates the true balance of power in Moscow very clearly. And Medvedev found himself once again on the fringe of important processes - as so often during his four-year presidency which has just come to an end. ... Putin profited much from Medvedev's liberal image during the transitional period, protecting the Russian 'hero' who has retreated to the post of prime minister from Western criticism. Illusions that Medvedev can stimulate economic reforms and improve the human rights situation had spun the heads of numerous analysts and political commentators. ... Now however it should be clear to everyone that the 'little bear' is no danger to anyone, least of all the true ruler of the Kremlin."

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