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Makowski, Jarosław

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Polityka - Poland | 20/01/2016

Row with Poland symbolic of the EU crisis

Polish Prime Minister Beata Szydło said on Tuesday in the European Parliament that neither the restructuring of the Constitutional Tribunal nor the new media law contravened European regulations. The conflict between Poland and the EU reflects the division of the entire continent, the centre-left news magazine Polityka writes: "Today this line of conflict runs between the pro- and anti-Europeans. In the pro-European camp are the Christian democrats, liberals and social democrats, while the anti-Europeans include nationalists, populists and anti-liberals. Until now Poland has clearly belonged to the pro-European camp. But under the leadership of the PiS it is now crossing over to the camp of the EU opponents and striking out on the same path as Hungary under Prime Minister Orbán."

Rzeczpospolita - Poland | 11/09/2006

Five years after September 11, 2001

In a guest commentary, journalist Jaroslaw Makowski discusses what has made the US so deeply unpopular since September 11. "Al-Qaeda had a simple goal: to force the great Satan to his knees and create widespread panic and fear. However, the attack on the US brought bin Laden something of which he could only have dreamed. It triggered a radical crisis in transatlantic relations. Paradoxically, September 11, which could have marked the renewal and consolidation of a shaky friendship between two neutral allies, instead marked the beginning of a profound crisis… After September 11, America adopted a new defence strategy. Preventive war is a key element of that strategy. According to the Bush doctrine you attack the enemy, even if it means doing it on your own, before that enemy can attack America – and only the US has the right to do this. This means that America is acting as the world's judge, jury and executor at the same time. This combination of roles cannot inspire sympathy in anyone."

Rzeczpospolita - Poland | 21/07/2006

Jaroslaw Makowski on leftist patriotism

"The right monopolises patriotism in Poland," complains Jaroslaw Makowski, a journalist for the Polish newspaper Krytyka Polityczna, in a commentary. "The right has no qualms about using 'hot language.' By this I mean language that appeals to people's emotions and passions and cites national symbols. This kind of discourse is being used as an important weapon in ideological discussions, and at the same time it underscores the weakness of the opposition: neither the liberals nor the post-communist Left have found an effective alternative to the Right's nationalist discourse. Polish intellectuals feel uncomfortable about making reference to values like 'God, honour and the Fatherland'. Makowski calls on the Left to rethink its strategy: "In the current confrontation with the Right the Left and liberal intellectuals can't continue to just play the victim and complain about their immature or provincially-minded compatriots. To become an important force within society they must return to using fiery patriotic rhetoric, but giving it a new twist."

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