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Loos, Baudouin

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1.  Le Soir - Belgium | 18/03/2015

Travel destination between democracy and jihad

The attack in Tunis will above all have a disastrous impact on the country's tourism, the liberal daily Le Soir believes: "This comes as a ... » more

2.  Le Soir - Belgium | 15/09/2014

Think through reactions to atrocities

The West must not let itself be caught in the trap of retaliating too swiftly, the liberal daily Le Soir warns: "The more massive and ... » more

3.  Le Soir - Belgium | 06/09/2012

Western passivity weakens rebels

The violent conflict between Syrian rebels and the Assad regime is entering its second year. Yet the international community is still refusing to supply the ... » more

4.  Le Soir - Belgium | 25/06/2012

Presidential election a farce

The moderate Islamist Mohammed Mursi is Egypt's first freely elected president. However the daily Le Soir does not see the presidential elections as a victory ... » more

5.  Le Soir - Belgium | 25/10/2011

Tunisia becomes democratic

The increasingly likely victory of the moderate Islamist Ennahda party in Tunisia may inspire fear in the West, but that should not detract from the ... » more

6.  Le Soir - Belgium | 03/08/2011

Mubarak on trial as scapegoat

The trial against the former Egyptian president Hosni Mubarak begins today in Cairo. He faces charges of corruption and killing hundreds of demonstrators, with his ... » more

7.  Le Soir - Belgium | 09/05/2009

Pope must denounce anti-Semitism

The daily Le Soir comments on the challenges facing the Pope on his trip to the Middle East: "Will he live up to expectations? No ... » more

8.  Le Soir - Belgium | 26/09/2007

Régis Debray finds centrifugal forces in Europe

The French philosopher Regis Debray, interviewed by William Bourton and Baudoin Loss, considers that the rise of separatism in Belgium reveals challenges that lie ahead ... » more


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