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Lobjakas, Ahto

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1.  Postimees - Estonia | 04/05/2015

Estonia must take in more refugees

Estonia's government is reluctant to take in further refugees under a system of proportional distribution within the EU. This is not only amoral but also ... » more

2.  Postimees - Estonia | 13/04/2015

Baltic states need Nordic allies against Putin

The defence ministers of the five Nordic countries announced last week in the Norwegian paper Aftenposten that they would seek closer military cooperation with each ... » more

3.  Postimees - Estonia | 02/03/2015

Estonia's new government won't be stable

Estonian Prime Minister Taavi Rõivas's Reform Party won Sunday's parliamentary elections, but failed to attain an absolute majority together with the Social Democratic Party. The ... » more

4.  Postimees - Estonia | 18/11/2014

Putin motivated by revenge

Vladimir Putin responded to Angela Merkel's attacks at the G20 summit saying that personal friendships do not count when Russia's interests are at stake. Columnist ... » more

5.  Postimees - Estonia | 23/02/2010

The EU weary of enlargement

The Treaty of Lisbon has been in effect since December 1, 2009. Although it was meant to form the basis for discussion on new membership, ... » more

6.  Postimees - Estonia | 18/11/2009

Undemocratic Europe

For weeks a tug-of-war has been raging over the posts of EU president and foreign affairs minister. The daily Postimees takes issue with this spectacle: ... » more

7.  Postimees - Estonia | 21/09/2009

Obama has triggered an earthquake

Commenting on US President Barack Obama's decision to dispense with a missile shield in Central Eastern Europe the daily Postimees writes: "Obama has triggered an ... » more

8.  Postimees - Estonia | 21/07/2009

Open letter ineffectual

The daily Postimees believes the letter addressed by former Central and Eastern European leaders to US President Barack Obama will make little impact on foreign ... » more

9.  Postimees - Estonia | 07/01/2009

The gas dispute and East and West

The daily Postimees notes the difference between the status of gas in Western and Eastern Europe and comments that this has prompted different reactions in ... » more

10.  Postimees - Estonia | 26/05/2008

New axes within the EU

Ahto Lobjakas sees the emergence of a new Polish-Swedish connection that could give the EU new impetus and represent a counterweight to the Franco-German axis ... » more


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