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Lema, Luis

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1.  Le Temps - Switzerland | 17/09/2015

West can hardly refuse Russia's proposal

Moscow's proposal for an international alliance against the IS terrorist organisation that would include the Assad regime is dangerously tempting, the liberal daily Le Temps ... » more

2.  Le Temps - Switzerland | 07/05/2014

European elections: Renzi a catalyst for Europe's left

Italy's Prime Minister Matteo Renzi and opposition leader Beppe Grillo have exchanged some sharp words in the campaign for the European elections. Renzi's talent as ... » more

3.  Le Temps - Switzerland | 16/07/2013

Prime minister is committing political suicide

Considering Rajoy's poor performance in the polls, the prime minister's current behaviour is tantamount to political suicide, the liberal-conservative daily Le Temps comments: "In view ... » more

4.  Le Temps - Switzerland | 27/05/2013

Hezbollah at Assad's side on path to destruction

Two missiles landed in the Hezbollah-controlled area around the Lebanese capital Beirut on Sunday. Prior to the attack the Hezbollah leader Hassan Nasrallah had announced ... » more

5.  Le Temps - Switzerland | 30/01/2013

Switzerland must help with its local expertise

Since 1977 Mali has been a focus of Swiss development aid - particularly in the regions of Sikasso, Mopti and Timbuktu. Switzerland must support France ... » more

6.  Le Temps - Switzerland | 23/05/2012

Egyptians elect their future on their own now

Egypt holds its first free presidential election this Wednesday. Despite the chaos in the country this is a hugely significant event, writes the left-liberal daily ... » more

7.  Le Temps - Switzerland | 23/06/2009

Baptism of fire for Obama

The Swiss daily Le Temps comments on the role of US President Barack Obama against the backdrop of the crisis in Iran: "His unfortunate words ... » more

8.  Le Temps - Switzerland | 29/12/2008

The US bears responsibility

The daily Le Temps comments on the responsibility of the United States in the Middle East conflict: "Some people dreaded (or hoped for) an attack ... » more

9.  Le Temps - Switzerland | 23/03/2006

The end of Basque separatist violence?

"Have the ETA militants awoken to the irreparably unsustainable nature of their fight?" Luis Lema asks in an editorial. "Beyond those specific traits unique to the ... » more


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