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Legutko, Piotr

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Gość Niedzielny - Poland | 10/07/2015

Help for franc victims deliberately complicated

The Polish liberal governing party PO wants to pass a law allowing loans taken out in Swiss francs to be converted into Polish złoty. But according to experts the terms for loan conversion will mean that only around 20 percent of borrowers stand to benefit from the measure. The Catholic web portal Gość Niedzielny is unconvinced: "One unfortunate quality of money is that there is always too little of it. Meaning that you can't always help everyone out. For that reason, as always, a lot of energy has been put into complicating things by creating as many criteria and limitations as possible instead of establishing clear rules. ... True, we still don't know all the details of this law, but it will certainly not be a breakthrough. And for two reasons: on the one hand, it promises help only for a few, and on the other hand it provides a legal framework for the banks' wheeling and dealing."

Gość Niedzielny - Poland | 26/05/2015

Komorowski's arrogance led to his downfall

Encumbent Polish President Bronisław Komorowski has his own arrogance to blame for his defeat, the Catholic website Gość Niedzielny comments: "Many commentators are wondering how it was possible for a rational and predictable politician who only six months ago enjoyed such a high level of public trust to lose the election. He lost because he told the voters that the country would return to the Dark Ages if he didn't win. In so doing he discredited an entire group of voters. Komorowski led a negative campaign against a weaker opponent, with the support of the state institutions and a large part of the media. And even after the results were announced, he didn't understand what the voters were trying to tell him. Yet a change of president is something entirely natural in a democracy."

Gość Niedzielny - Poland | 07/02/2014

Poland's Round Table only served vested interests

Twenty-five years ago on Thursday, the opposition and Communists in Poland began the "Round Table Talks" to negotiate the transfer of the responsibility of government. But ultimately the participants were only defending their own interests, the national religious web portal Gość Niedzielny criticises: "Today the 'Round Table' is regarded as a Polish export hit. It forms the foundation for the social dialogue that enables the peaceful transfer of power and a solution to conflicts without the use of violence. Many myths and great symbolism are attached to this table. Under [former Polish president Aleksander] Kwaśniewski, this piece of furniture even ended up in the presidential palace. ... But the truth is different: ultimately it just paved the way for the elections in June [1989] which were only half free. And the 'knights' gathered around this table have sat in their seats for years and defended their own interests instead of the state, the state's independence and civil rights."

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