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Lednik, Ales

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Večer - Slovenia | 22/08/2014

Don't commercialise public services

23 international partners, including the EU and the US, are currently negotiating the so-called Trade in Services Agreement (TISA) which foresees the far-reaching liberalisation and deregulation of services. The conservative daily Večer sees the fact that this extends to public services such as drinking water as a major risk: "Seeing this service as a commodity is the consequence of a fundamental lack of understanding of public services that only creates new privileges for the richest citizens - at the expense of those most in need of development. Such agreements deliberately promote commercialisation. And even the most passionate supporters of free trade must admit that this game has winners and losers. ... TISA only expands what is already wrong with this world. ... And Brussels' assurance that each EU member can decide for itself which services are deregulated to what extent is a bad argument and a cynical consolation."

Večer - Slovenia | 09/10/2013

EU lets thousands of refugees drown

Europe could save countless people's lives by finally revising its refugee policy, the conservative daily Večer admonishes in the aftermath of the Lampedusa tragedy: "The indignation over the humanitarian disaster off coast the coast of Lampedusa, Europe's unfortunate doormat where the sea mercilessly swallows up hundreds of anonymous Africans, is justified. And the condolences that the anonymous relatives of the anonymous victims hear pouring out of the mouths of European politicians are no doubt genuine. But this sincerity is not untarnished. Because if the politicians really wanted to they could have long since formulated European refugee policy in a way that prevents such tragedies. ... If we had really wanted to we could have prevented at least 25,000 people who wanted to escape desperate poverty and seek a better life from dying in the Mediterranean in the past 20 years."

Večer - Slovenia | 30/06/2008

Slovenian conclusion

On the eve of France's EU Council presidency the Slovenian daily Večer reflects on Slovenia's six-month presidency, which is now coming to an end. "One of the Slovenian public's main criticisms is the lack of ambition, because it will be a long time before the country has a similar opportunity to attract international attention. ... Just as the internal political situation had a great impact on the dynamics of Slovenia's presidency, the country's EU presidency was also a perfect alibi for diverting attention from domestic problems. And with the same skill as the government has emphasised the successes of its EU presidency it has managed to downplay its mistakes. ... Slovenia has earned praise for its 'calm professionalism during a turbulent phase of the EU's development,' as the Financial Times wrote. Even the result of the referendum in Ireland ... cannot change this. ... Nicolas Sarkozy will no doubt make sure that France's presidency is more 'colourful, fragrant and spicy'."

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