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Latour, Bruno

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L´Hebdo - Switzerland | 26/06/2006

Bruno Latour on political discourse

Fresh from receiving an honourary doctorate degree from the University of Lausanne, French sociologist Bruno Latour speaks to journalist Michel Audetat about the changing relationship between the sciences and democracy. "We are going to have to completely change the way we think in scientific and political terms. Because we do not really have a choice. In the future, questions such as those posed by GM foods or bird flu, where we see a real mish-mash of facts and values, will become a lot more common. The current problem in Europe is that we confuse political life with the pronouncement of political opinions. But strictly speaking, the two have nothing to do with one another. One can express political opinions without ever elaborating on the experimental mechanism that would allow us to change things in reality - and they thus lose all interest. So what matters is asking ourselves how we can create new scenarios that change our lives."

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