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Lanzmann, Claude

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Le Monde - France | 21/05/2009

An anti-Israeli as new Unesco director-general?

Philosopher Bernard-Henri Lévy, film director Claude Lanzmann and Nobel laureate Elie Wiesel criticise the possible appointment of Egyptian Minister of Culture Farouk Hosny as Unesco director-general, pointing to his anti-Israeli stance: "Who declared in 1997 and in many different tones since that he was 'a stubborn enemy' of any attempts to normalise relations between his country and Israel? Who answered an alarmed member of the Egyptian parliament who was concerned that Israeli books could be transferred to the library in Alexandria saying: 'Let us burn these books'? … And worse still: the sentences mentioned here are just some - and not even the most appalling - among many similar statements that have accompanied the career of Farouk Hosny for around fifteen years. … It is obvious: Farouk Hosny does not deserve the post [of Unesco director-general]. He is the opposite of a man of peace, dialogue and culture. He is a dangerous man, one who inflames hearts and souls."

Le Monde - France | 04/10/2006

Defending freedom of expression

The daily has published an appeal in support of Robert Redeker signed by a score of public figures. "A handful of fanatics is currently brandishing so-called religious laws in order to call into question our country's most fundamental freedoms. This threat comes in addition to the mutterings here and there in Europe that provocation should be avoided to spare supposed foreign sensibilities ... Times are once again hard in Europe. This is no time for cowardice. We therefore solemnly appeal to the authorities not only to continue to protect, as they already are doing, Robert Redeker and his family, but, in a strong political gesture, to pledge to meet his material needs as long as he is danger, just as the British authorities did throughout the duration of the Rushdie affair."

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