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Kwaśniewski, Aleksander

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Times of Malta - Malta | 09/04/2009

On the zero option for nuclear disarmament

The Polish politicians Aleksander Kwaśniewski, Tadeusz Mazowiecki and Lech Wałęsa express their hopes for a world free of nuclear weapons in the Times of Malta: "The time has come for a fundamental change in the proceedings of the Geneva-based Disarmament Conference, which for years has failed to meet the international community's expectations. We share the view expressed by the academics, politicians, and experts of the international Warsaw Reflection Group that consideration should be given to the zero option as a basis for a future multilateral nuclear disarmament agreement. The deadliest threat to global security comes from a qualitatively new wave of nuclear proliferation. The heaviest responsibility is shouldered by the powers that hold the largest arsenals. We trust that the US and Russian Presidents, and leaders of all other nuclear powers, will show statesmanlike wisdom and courage and begin the process of freeing the world from the nuclear menace. But as important as this goal is for international order and security, of equal importance is respect for human rights and the rights of minorities, as well as the establishment, on a global scale, of democracy and the rule of law."

Rzeczpospolita - Poland | 08/05/2007

A movement against the Polish government

A Movement for Democracy was founded in Poland last week, under the patronage of former Social Democratic President Aleksander Kwasniewski, who accuses the current conservative-populist government and its president of violating the constitutional democracy. Kwasniewski explains to Eliza Olczyk: "We have a political plan: we do not want to see Poland's democracy miss its chance. What we have in common with... Lech Walesa and others whom we've invited to our conference is respect for the constitutional state, civil society and civil rights... Those in power now don't share these views. Basically, today's Poland is not built on mutual trust, but on mistrust."

Hospodárske noviny - Slovakia | 28/04/2006

Kwasniewski speaks out in favour of a European constitution

Former Polish President Alexander Kwasniewski calls for a defence of European integration against growing criticism and lays particular importance on the role of the countries in Central and Eastern Europe. In an interview with Martin Ehl, he commented that "Poland, the Czech Republic, Slovakia and Hungary should be more active on this issue" and, among other things, "breathe new life into the European constitutional project." He went on to say: "I have no doubt that the 25 EU member states, which are soon to become 27, need a constitutional document to accomplish their task; a document that defines Europe's common values. However, the European constitution can be nothing more than a document. It is not a bible, a gospel or a philosophical treatise that is to be accepted and never changed."

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