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Kuzmanic, Tonci

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Večer - Slovenia | 14/03/2006

Tonci Kuzmanic on racism in post-socialist societies

Slovenian sociologist Tonci Kuzmanic warns in an interview with Sasa Malek about the dangers of verbal racism, or "hate speech", which according to him is widespread in post-socialist systems. "In sociological terms this is cultural racism; in political terms it's democratic post-facism... In contrast to Nazi anti-Semitism, which was undemocratic, today's brand of cultural racism is democratic." Kuzmanic explains that this racism is aimed at homosexuals, leftists, Roma and basically all non-Slovenians. "A new aspect in post-socialist Slovenia is that this hate is to be found in all sections of society. Our government won the elections thanks, among other things, to its 'hate speeches'. Its victims were immigrants from former Yugoslavia."

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