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Kutz, Kazimierz

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Gazeta Wyborcza - Poland | 01/03/2006

Art censorship

Wieslaw Kaminski, rector of the University of Lublin, has banned an exhibition of provocative photos at his university. The exhibition was to be part of the programme of events accompanying the "Human Rights in Film" festival. According to Kaminski, many people would have found the exhibition offensive. The photos showed T-shirts printed with statements such as "I've had an abortion" or "I didn't mourn the death of the Pope" or "I'm a Jew" printed on them. More than a dozen artists, including actors, writers and directors, who wore the T-shirts in the photos, protested against this censorship in a joint appeal published by the daily: "We're shocked. For the first time since Poland has been a democracy, our work has been censored. We feel that this is a danger signal... Democracy and freedom have not been given to us to keep forever. We must fight to protect them every day if we don' t want to wake up one day as slaves... We accept that not everybody will like the T-shirts. But we refuse to accept this attack on the freedom of the word."

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