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Kusý, Miroslav

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Sme - Slovakia | 02/09/2014

Fico's attitutude shameful

Slovakian Prime Minister Robert Fico has threatened to use his veto against new sanctions on Russia should they run counter to Slovakia's national interests. That's shameful, the liberal daily Sme believes: "There's no doubt that we risk incurring losses with the sanctions. But by clearly showing an aggressor that we're not ready to accept his aggression, we're defending the basic principles of European civilisation and the post-war world order. If on the other hand we silently accept the aggression because sanctions could also harm us, then we're betraying these basic principles. ... Incidentally, we've already been in a similar situation to the one in today's Ukraine. Hitler annexed the Sudetenland in the same way Putin annexed Crimea. Back then the world passively accepted the move and allowed Hitler to break up Czechoslovakia. How can someone who's country has been through something like that say that sanctions are harmful when that's just what we waited for so desperately back then?"

Sme - Slovakia | 18/12/2009

Language law paints picture of ethnically pure Slovakia

Slovakia has published the implementing regulations for its new official language law, which foresees heavy fines for infringements of the law. Ethnic Hungarians feel the law puts them at a disadvantage because it forces them to speak Slovakian when communicating with authorities. This prompts political scientist Miroslav Kusý to launch an attack against the law in the liberal daily Sme: "The law is bad to start with because it declares the language state property, an object for government regulation and which can thus be used to harass citizens. It would be well suited to a totalitarian society but has no place in a modern society. ... Slovakia is the political community of all its citizens ..., not just a language community of Slovakian-speaking people or an ethnic community made up solely of Slovakians. There are ethnic Hungarians and Ruthenians as well as ethnic Slovakians."  

Hospodárske noviny - Slovakia | 25/09/2007

Miroslav Kusý on the Hungarian-Slovak dispute over the Beneš decrees

Last week the Slovakian parliament voted by a large majority to have the post-war decrees passed by former Czechoslovakian President Edvard Beneš declared inviolable. On the basis of these decrees, Hungarians and Sudeten Germans living in the country after the war were first deprived of their rights and property and then partly expelled from the country... In an interview with Renata Havranová, Slovak political scientist Miroslav Kusý describes the step as a great mistake: "In my opinion the negative reactions of the Hungarians are justified. It is inappropriate to revive this old spirit in the 21st century. Václav Havel apologised in the Czechs' name to the Germans. We have never done this regarding Hungary, yet the two cases are very similar. Naturally the parliamentary decision will have a negative impact on bilateral relations, which are already poor. The Slovaks should apologise to the Hungarians."

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