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Kusy, Miroslav

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Sme - Slovakia | 01/02/2007

Miroslav Kusy on Charter 77 and the Slovaks

The civil rights movement Charter 77 was mainly a Czech initiative, according to Slovak political scientist and former member of the movement Miroslav Kusy. He points to the content of the charter to support his statement. "In a way, the charter followed on from the position adopted by Czechs during the Prague Spring of 1968: 'First comes democratisation,' then the rest. Neither in the founding document nor in any of the following declarations is there a word about Slovak-Czech relations or the problems that resulted from the creation of a Soviet-style federation (1968). For the Slovaks, on the other hand, finding a solution to the Slovak-Czech problem had top priority. Another sensitive issue was the representation of the Slovaks in the management of the charter. In all the years of its existence, care was taken to ensure proportional representation of ex-communists, church representatives and civil dissidents within the movement, but not the proportional representation of Slovaks."

Sme - Slovakia | 30/08/2006

The anti-Hungarian incidents in Slovakia

Miroslav Kusy, a Slovak political expert, warns that there could be a sharp rise in the number of anti-Hungarian attacks in the country, saying that every attack should therefore be publicly condemned. "Of course, Prime Minister Fico can't react to everything, but his reactions tell us what his priorities are." Kusy points out that Fico's remark that incidents like the attack on a student of the Hungarian minority happen all over the world won't improve the situation. Nor will the calls on the media to keep quiet about such incidents. "We must put an end to the wave of ethnic hate fuelled by the Slovak National Party's government participation as soon as possible, if necessary without the help of the President, the Prime Minister and his government. But it would be easier, quicker and more effective if they were to help, especially in view of the fact that their government programmes declare their commitment to maintaining friendly relations with Hungary and conducting a balanced nationality policy."

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