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Kurkiewicz, Juliusz

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Polityka - Poland | 31/08/2006

Olga Tokarczuk rewrites Old Myths

Juliusz Kurkiewicz reports on the ambitious publishing project, "The Myths.” Initiated by a Scottish publisher, it has now been taken up by 24 publishing houses around the world. The project involves contemporary authors writing new versions of old myths. Kurkiewicz is enthusiastic about the idea and finds Polish author Olga Tokarczuk's story about the Sumerian goddess Inanna the best book in the series. "Tokarczuk doesn't only repeat well-known stories, she doesn't just give them a twist either, like other authors in the series. She plunges into the myth, tries to decode its meaning, shows that these are stories that could happen to anybody at any time – even though they've never actually happen to anybody. Tokarczuk's Inanna is called Anna In, and is a young woman we could very well meet on the street.”

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