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Kuntz, Joëlle

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1.  Le Temps - Switzerland | 12/10/2011

Politicians denigrate Switzerland critics

Parliamentary elections take place in Switzerland on October 23. But populist campaigns are creating problems where they don't exist, writes journalist Joëlle Kuntz in the ... » more

2.  Le Temps - Switzerland | 01/12/2009

Referendums are emotional dustbins

In the wake of the Swiss vote against the construction of new minarets the daily Le Temps questions the validity of referendums as an instrument ... » more

3.  Le Temps - Switzerland | 10/12/2008

Threats to human rights

The daily Le Monde calls attention to the threats to human rights: "In the West the Declaration of Human Rights is the common political and ... » more

4.  Le Temps - Switzerland | 14/03/2008

Paris Book Fair fraught with political tension

"During violent periods, no space is left uninvaded by politics, its priorities, its moral values, its demands. Acts and gestures are over-symbolised and nobody appears ... » more

5.  Le Temps - Switzerland | 14/02/2008

The Danish press is defending freedom of expression

Joelle Kuntz welcomes the initiative of several Danish newspapers which republished on Wednesday, February 13th, the caricatures of Mohamed to protest against the attempted assassination ... » more

6.  Le Temps - Switzerland | 16/11/2006

The political confinement of French-speaking Switzerland

On November 26th, the Swiss will vote in a referendum on the granting of economic aid to the new Memeber States of the EU. This ... » more


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