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Kuneva, Maglena

Bulgariens EU-Commissioner

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Sme - Slovakia | 26/10/2006

Bulgaria laments EU's restrictive labour market measures

Maglena Kuneva, the chief negotiator for Bulgaria's accession to the EU and future European commissioner for her country, expresses her disappointment that most of the old EU countries plan to restrict Bulgarian workers' access to their labour markets. In an interview with Stefan Hudec she says: "Freedom of movement is one of the EU's basic principles. On the one hand we want to boost our competitiveness and on the other we're closing the doors on each other. The generosity of the British, Irish and Swedish in opening their markets to the 10 states that joined in 2004 was one of the main arguments I used to promote EU membership in Bulgaria. I expected Bulgaria to receive the same treatment. Bulgaria doesn't pose a threat to anyone."

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