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Kulesich, Lyuba

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Monitor - Bulgaria | 20/07/2007

An agent as president

When he was a young man, Bulgarian President Georgi Parvanov worked as an historian for the communist security service. This has now been officially confirmed. The speculation about whether Parvanov was the agent known by the nickname "Gotse" began even before the 2006 presidential elections. Ljuba Kulesitch comments: "Yesterday, the secret life and public life of the head of state merged to become one harmonious whole. Now it's official that the agent and the President are one and the same person. Two years ago, when the shadow of suspicion first fell on 'Gotse' Parvanov, he still had no trouble being re-elected. Today Gotse is in the limelight, but it's unlikely that he'll be toppled. The whole affair illustrates perfectly that the President represents the unity achieved by the nation after 17 years of political schizophrenia."

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