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Kulcsar, Hajnal

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hvg - Hungary | 04/04/2006

Lessons in good conduct for Budapest's taxi drivers

The notorious taxi drivers of Budapest, nicknamed "taxi hyenas" because of their underhand tricks, are to be taught some manners by the new British owner of Budapest airport. From July on, only taxi drivers who observe certain rules will be allowed to work at the airport: "The criteria for selection are a clean vehicle, knowledge of foreign languages, fair, set and clearly displayed fares – and only non-smokers can apply, Hajnal Kulcsar points out. He quotes a Budapest-based owner of a taxi company who complains about "Mafia-like groups" in the taxi business who are being allowed to operate outiside the law. Kulcsar calls on Budapest's mayor to follow the example of the new airport management and introduce strict regulations for the entire taxi branch."

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