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Kürti, Emese

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Élet és Irodalom - Hungary | 14/07/2006

Emese Kürti on Hungary's anti-mother society

Art critic Emese Kürti describes how she has suddenly became "invisible" for Budapest's art scene since she started attending openings with her new baby. The doors of the galleries have been shut in her face at the sight of her pram. She complains that in this society young mothers are "temporarily dead in a symbolic sense. They have fulfilled their biological task and their continued existence has become meaningless. They are no longer an economic factor: they no longer produce or consume – their demands are stipulated by their standardised income (the state benefit paid to parents caring for newborns). In terms of profit they are unproductive and indefinable. They may never return to the 'world of employment' (this problematic term requires lengthy analysis), and if they do it won't be easy. The so-called world of employment suddenly thinks it's the very essence of life – the bubbly, beautiful, inspiring life in which the productive childless perceive a cup of coffee after a meeting or another training course as a liberating experience."

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