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Küng, Hans

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De Standaard - Belgium | 10/03/2010

Pope must abolish celibacy

Following the sex abuse scandals in which Catholic priests have been implicated, Germany's Bishop's Conference will meet with Pope Benedict XVI. The celibacy rule is the fundamental problem at the root of the abuse and must therefore be seriously called into  question, writes Swiss theology professor Hans Küng in the daily De Standaard: "Is the Church not also entitled to a mea culpa from the Pope? And shouldn't such an expression of remorse be coupled with improvement by finally allowing the celibacy rule that was barred from discussion during the Second Vatican Council be openly and freely subjected to the assessment of the entire Church? The same openness with which the Church is currently trying to deal with the problem of abuse is now required to deal with one of its most important structural causes: the celibacy rule. The bishops should boldly and forcefully propose this to Pope Benedict XVI."

El País - Spain | 13/03/2006

Hans Küng calls for "preventive dialogue" between civilisations

Swiss theologian Hans Küng refutes the theory of the clash of civilisations. "It is possible to avoid this war, and of course we need to avoid it at all costs. The first stage is to brake the current escalation thanks to dialogue. ... We must initiate a dialogue that is both serious and free of prejudice: a preventive dialogue instead of a preventive war. In light of the crises arising from the Muhammad caricatures or the Abu Ghraib torture, it seems even more important that Westerners do not merely satisfy themselves with trumpeting values such as liberty, equality, solidarity, democracy, human rights and tolerance, but that they adhere to these values themselves. It is time that the two sides speak to one another sincerely, that we acknowledge our differences and find common ground for understanding."

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