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Kuczkiewicz, Jurek

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1.  Le Soir - Belgium | 16/12/2015

Frontex expansion is bureaucratic nonsense

It's outrageous that the EU Commission wants to reserve the right to decide whether a border protection force will be deployed to protect the EU's ... » more

2.  Le Soir - Belgium | 16/06/2015

Time to overcome national egoism

The EU member states must finally overcome their national egoism, the liberal daily Le Soir urges in view of the debate about refugee quotas: "One ... » more

3.  Le Soir - Belgium | 19/05/2015

Ban raw materials from conflict zones

The European Parliament will vote on Wednesday on a regulation under which businesses would declare on a voluntary basis which of the raw materials they ... » more

4.  Le Soir - Belgium | 27/02/2015

Europe yields to Paris yet again

The European partners have not been as stringent with France as they have with other euro crisis states, the liberal daily Le Soir writes and ... » more

5.  Le Soir - Belgium | 28/10/2014

No guarantee for future EU course

Various top European politicians have praised the running and the results of the elections in Ukraine. But the EU must not pat itself on the ... » more

6.  Le Soir - Belgium | 18/09/2014

EU at a loss over national identities

The referendum in Scotland has failed to provide an answer to the question of how the EU should deal with the struggles for national identity ... » more

7.  Le Soir - Belgium | 18/07/2014

EU making a fool of itself over top posts

The EU's heads of state and government could not agree as planned on who will become the new foreign representative and Council president at their ... » more

8.  Le Soir - Belgium | 09/04/2014

Brussels must become more European

Brussels has been the European capital since 1958. But to deserve the title the city must finally improve local conditions, the liberal daily Le Soir ... » more

9.  Le Soir - Belgium | 26/08/2013

Don't compare Syria with Iraq

The situation in Syria is entirely different than that in Iraq ten years ago and demands an intervention, the liberal daily Le Soir writes: "The ... » more

10.  Le Soir - Belgium | 11/02/2013

Italians between reason and madness

Less than two weeks before Italy's parliamentary elections, the latest polls show former prime minister Silvio Berlusconi rapidly gaining ground against his centre-left rival Pier ... » more


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