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Kucharczyk, Jacek

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Gazeta Wyborcza - Poland | 02/05/2007

The Poles like being EU members

According to a recent survey conducted by the CBOS research institute, 86 percent of Poles are happy to be members of the EU. That's 22 percent more than on Poland's accession three years ago. Sociologist Jacek Kucharczyk comments on the result in conversation with Dominik Uhlig. "We had been so thoroughly frightened by the terrifying scenarios painted by EU opponents that it could only get better after the accession. Instead of shock there was relief... The politicians are now slowly adapting themselves to the voters' stance. The Civic Platform has distanced itself from its 'Nice or death' slogan. The Liberals and the League of Democrats (LiD) are presenting themselves as pro-European parties in their attempts to capture votes. How this is reflected in their party manifestos is quite another issue. The debates on European topics - such as the European constitution - are still rather muted. But even the [right-wing] LPR and Samoobrona only seldom criticise the EU nowadays. They've realised that voters would find this unappealing. Nonetheless, there is still a large gap between the pro-European society and those in power who promise to defend us against Europe."

Gazeta Wyborcza - Poland | 23/11/2006

EU enthusiasm reaches record high in Poland

The EU's popularity has reached a record high in Poland. According to a survey published by the CBOS opinion research institute, 88 percent of Poles are "satisfied" with the country's EU membership, while only six percent aren't. Sociologist Jacek Kucharczyk of the Warsaw Institute for Public Affairs (ISP) explains the results of the survey as follows: "The recent local elections helped. All the candidates stressed how much funding the country receives from the EU, so the election campaign effectively turned into a publicity campaign for the EU... Support for EU membership has been steadily growing for months now and all the original fears have dispersed. The agricultural sector has proven itself capable of competing at a European level, companies are not going broke, and the benefits are obvious: more jobs."

Gazeta Wyborcza - Poland | 14/06/2006

Poland's relations with its eastern neighbours

The traditionally sceptical Polish are taking an increasingly positive view of their eastern neighbours. According to a survey published by the CBOS Institute, 69 percent of Poles believe that friendly and cooperative relations with Russia are possible, but at the same time, 59 percent fear Russia. 77 percent believe reconciliation between Poles and Ukrainians is possible – that figure was just 60 percent two years ago. Sociologist Jacek Kucharczyk from the Institute for Public Relations assesses the results of the survey as follows: "The Poles don't like Putin's Russia, but they believe in maintaining good relations with Russia in case that Russia changes in the future. It was the same with Ukraine: the Orange Revolution has changed many things there. We no longer lump all our eastern neighbours together as 'Russians'."

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