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Kubler, Michel

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La Croix - France | 09/09/2009

Michael Kubler on interpretations of the Holocaust

Representatives of the world's major religions gathered yesterday at a so-called "peace meeting" of the Catholic Community of Sant-Egidio in the former extermination camp at Auschwitz in Poland, to render tribute to the victims of National Socialism. Michael Kubler writes in the Catholic daily La Croix on the differing interpretations of the Holocaust: "An unprecedented event? Not everyone will agree. Religious people all over the world do acknowledge that Hitler's project to eliminate the Jewish people was extremely vile. But whether it was an absolutely unique event in history is a contended issue - especially for the numerous believers who do not recognise the Jews as the vessel of an exclusive divine project. Nevertheless there are very few locations - as proven by yesterday's event at Auschwitz, the first at such a high level - which make the 'mystery of iniquity' so tangible . This mystery gnaws at men's hearts to such an extent that they deny their brothers' very humanity. This is what gives this particular experience its universal quality."

La Croix - France | 05/02/2009

Rome open to public opinion

The Catholic daily La Croix comments on the Pope's decision to summon Holocaust denier Richard Wlliamson to retract his statements on the Holocaust: "Eight days after the Pope made a statement in which he still hesitated to lay blame, the Curia has finally spoken clearly. Williamson can no longer pretend he is unconcerned by the Holy See's repeated rejection of any form of Holocaust denial. And he cannot ignore that he will only be able to cross the threshold of the Church as a recognised bishop once he has 'absolutely and unequivocally' revoked his former views. ... At this painful juncture Rome has given a clear sign that it is open to public - including Catholic - opinion."

La Croix - France | 02/01/2008

Slovenia assumes the EU Council presidency

"Beyond Ljubljana, a whole part of our continent is finding itself in the limelight, after having long been perceived in the West as enemy territory", considers Michel Kubler. "Are we ready to place our trust in eastern nations whose fate has become entwined with ours, in accordance with our common desire to rise to our noble European ambition? The answer lies ... in our perception of these States, which can no longer be limited to well-meaning compassion, or to a condescending welcome given to these convalescent communities in our 'grand courts'. Western Europeans would be well-advised to henceforth view their eastern neighbours with utter respect. Thus they will appear to us in their true light, as authentic Europeans, as European as us, but in a different way."

La Croix - France | 17/08/2006

Europe discusses Grass's admission

The editor of the Catholic daily, Michel Kubler, believes that "by revealing this incredible side to his past the writer acknowledges that his aura of the imprecatory sage was nourished from within by his own experience of compromising himself with evil ... Indeed, can one speak authoritatively on so grave a subject without having been closely involved, for whatever reason, oneself? By facing up to ... 'the shame' of being a Nazi stakeholder, albeit briefly, marginally, and even subconsciously, Grass has become an ordinary human being, that stands among not above his fellows. He has assumed his full place in the destiny of his people. As he grows old the tin drum child has finally agreed to grow up. He may well grow in stature."

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