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Kubiak, Jacek

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Polityka - Poland | 23/07/2008

American conditions

Under the constitutional reform the French president now has the right to deliver a kind of "state of the nation" speech before the two chambers of parliament. The liberal news magazine Polityka thinks this will strengthen the president to such an extent that the office of prime minister could become redundant. "The appearance of the president before the Congress is a great innovation. It raises his status and even gives him a royal privilege, for the president [is able] to state his views and ... leave the hall. The discussion then takes place in his absence. ... It may quickly become apparent that in a system of this kind the prime minister is superfluous if the president himself wishes to lead the work of government. For this reason these changes are a simple way of introducing a new political system in France. Following the constitutional changes the scales have tipped clearly in favour of the presidential powers. Gradually a transition to a VI Republic with a purely presidential system and without a prime minister is starting to look ever more likely. It is not for nothing that Nicolas Sarkozy calls the USA his model."

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