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Kriznik, Bozena

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Delo - Slovenia | 19/11/2007

Slovenian workers want a share in the country's new prosperity

Several tens of thousands of workers in Slovenia took to the streets on Saturday to demonstrate for higher pay after wage negotiations failed to produce a result. It was the largest demonstration since the country achieved independence in 1991. The demonstrators are annoyed that only managers, and not workers, are benefiting from the country's current economic growth. Bozena Kriznik comments: "The protests were vigorous, came at exactly the right time and presented an opportunity to repeat the workers' demands: a raise in all basic salaries and a share in corporate turnover. ... In particular the State, as (co-) owner of the larger companies, could set an example and reduce the shamefully high salaries of managers, bonuses for members of the board and other bonuses."

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