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Kristol, Bill

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ABC - Spain | 30/07/2007

Are Europeans more isolationist than Americans?

In an interview with Ramón Pérez-Maura, the US neo-conservative political analyst Bill Kristol, director of 'The Weekly Standard', examines relations between the EU and the United States. "The question is whether or not European nations are rethinking their policies. Whether they have understood that the world doesn't work the way they thought it would. The answer appears to be yes, in the light of Merkel and Sarkozy's victories. There is a lot less smugness in Europe regarding multiculturalism, the end of History and the decline of the role of religions. ... For a North American such as myself, it is impressive to note how Europe is turned in upon itself. The classic cliché is that Europeans are globalisers and Americans are isolationists. But the contrary is in fact true today."

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