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Krekeler, Elmar

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Die Welt - Germany | 26/06/2006

Kathrin Passig wins the Bachmann Competition

The Ingeborg Bachmann Poetry Competition held in the Austrian city of Klagenfurt ended this weekend with Kathrin Passig, a columnist for the German daily, the taz, winning the prize. Elmar Krekeler approves of the jury's decision. "This is a dead funny thriller – a literary parable, a parable of human existence, a world view, a discovery. This is what the world is like, what it's all come down to: confusion and desperate jokes." As far as the rest of the event is concerned, however, Krekeler was disappointed. "The ice-cold wind of impassiveness blows through the texts. They keep their distance from the world. They don't want to get burned. But somewhere, you think, something must be smouldering, in the characters, and hopefully in the authors too. Please, don't leave me unaffected like this, move me, grip me, bowl me over as far as I'm concerned. But nobody does."

Die Welt - Germany | 21/06/2006

The Klagenfurt Literature Competition

Elmar Krekeler reflects on the importance of the Ingeborg-Bachmann Literarature Competition in the Austrian town of Klagenfurt, the winner of which is chosen in an open discussion following a three-day reading marathon. "Long before the audio book revolution, long before slam poetry, open mike and other pop culture versions of public viewing literature, people visiting Klagenfurt could experience literature as an acoustic phenomenon in a competitive environment. At this literary fair, literature must pass an acoustic test, just as it was in the beginnings of literary history… Here, storytellers tell their stories and are immediately penalised or rewarded… Long before the advent of fancily displayed TV reviews of literature, Klagenfurt, in its golden moments, was able to prove that books can best be conveyed to readers not through weird clips or frantic interviews ideally broadcast via the emotional medium of TV, but through lively discussion. Book culture is debate culture. And in these times of so-called debate culture, one can sometimes actually learn something new from book culture."

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