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Krautmanis, Maris

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Neatkarīgā - Latvia | 04/10/2010

No real winner

The parliamentary elections in Latvia have failed to produce a proper winner, the national conservative daily Neatkarīgā rīta avīze comments that the Alliance for a Good Latvia, which ruled the country up until 2009, "had believed a good PR campaign would be enough. But even advertising has its limits. The citizens won't buy everything people try to sell them even if it comes in pretty packaging. Another party that came out losing relatively speaking was the Harmony Centre Association. It had assumed that it would win the most votes, with sociologists and pollsters confirming this assumption. But the voters decided differently: the Unity alliance came first. The question now is how much internal unity there will be, because the government will have to make some unpopular decisions. … There were never so few parties in parliament: all of them except the first five obtained only one percent or less of the vote. This is a triumph for the pollsters but a defeat for all these parties."

Neatkarīgā - Latvia | 27/01/2009

After the Riga demonstration

The daily Neatkariga Rita Avize discusses the anti-government demonstrations which recently took place in many countries of Europe including Ukraine, France, Estonia, Greece, Iceland and Lithuania. But nowhere did they spark off such heated debates as in Latvia, the paper writes: "A few hundred people went around shouting slogans, a few stones flew and one business was plundered, and now the entire political elite is shaking at the knees. This is certainly no cause to rejoice, for it means that the financial and economic crisis in Latvia has become a political crisis as well. There are many reasons for all the snivelling and chattering of teeth, and the list of those responsible is long. But as any schoolchild knows, the market economy is a continual cycle of upturns and downturns. And everyone should have known the Latvian economy was overheated, and that credit and construction-based growth could not last forever."

Neatkarīgā - Latvia | 25/08/2008

Latvia in referendum fever

Latvia held two referendums this August: one on a constitutional amendment and the other on changes to the pension laws. Both were rejected by the people. The daily Neatkarīgā Rīta Avīze is happy with the results: "The people have fortunately repudiated these attacks against democracy and the threat they represent to the economy. It is a pity that the initiators themselves do not have to bear the costs of these votes. Each of them costs millions and the initiators carry none of the risk. ... But the politicians have no reason to sit back and relax either, for both referendums were held and a large proportion of the electorate was mobilised. ... At the same time it has become clear that Latvia is not immune to the populist propaganda of people who organise such referendums."

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