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Krastev, Nikolay

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Sega - Bulgaria | 17/01/2011

Sanader case a litmus test for Croatia

Croatia is demanding the extradition of ex-prime minister Ivo Sanader, who has been imprisoned for several weeks in Austria. Investigations into corruption and money laundering on Sanader's part are currently underway in both countries. Croatia's determination to face up to its past has everything to do with its desire to join the EU, writes the daily Sega: "Croatia wants to break with its corrupt past, there can be no doubt about that. However this is not just a question of determination, but also of what actions are taken. For that reason Zagreb is impatiently awaiting Sanader's extradition from Austria. Nevertheless Sanader could upset the plans of many of his countrymen should he decide to give testimony before the committee of inquiry. ... His case will be a litmus test for the Croatian judiciary's ability to deal independently with serious challenges like the corruption of politicians and clientelism."

Sega - Bulgaria | 02/01/2011

Milo Ðukanović - peacemaker and mafia boss

After almost 20 years in power the Montenegrin Prime Minister Milo Ðukanović resigned at the end of the year. Looking back the daily Sega alternates between praise and criticism: "Ðukanović has reawakened Montenegro as a state and made it a stability factor in the west Balkans. He managed to protect the little country from the smouldering conflicts in the post-Yugoslavian area in the 1990s and turn the Balkan republic with its 650,000 inhabitants into a shining example of ethnic tolerance and peaceful coexistence in Europe. His state leadership was however not free of controversy, particularly as Montenegro became a symbol of political corruption and cigarette smuggling and Ðukanović, according to [opposition leader] Nebojša Medojević, was one of the main string pullers of the mafia. A year ago his close confidant and advisor [Ratko Knežević] described him as the biggest mafia boss not only in the region, but in Europe."

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