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Koziej, Stanislaw

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Polska - Poland | 18/07/2008

Positive verdict for Poland's Iraq operations

On 16 July the Polish army handed over control of the southern Iraqi province of Qadisiyya to the Iraqi authorities, thus paving the way for their withdrawal from Iraq. In a guest article for the daily Polska, former Deputy Defence Minister General Stanisław Koziej gives a positive evaluation of Poland's five-year military mission to Iraq: "It is thanks to the Iraq operation that there has been a change in the mentality of the troops who participated in the mission on the spot. For them and above all for their officers this was the best training in half a century. Those who experienced the Iraq operation have become a driving force for qualitative change in our armed forces. They had a major influence on the final decision taken by politicians to go over to using a professional army. Let us remember that all political decision-makers, all defence ministers and all chiefs of staff were firmly against the idea of a professional army. Therefore in my opinion the view of those who were in Iraq and who saw what an advantage professional soldiers have over conscripts was what won the day."

Rzeczpospolita - Poland | 07/09/2006

US missile defence in Poland

In a commentary, former Polish defense minister General Stanislaw Koziej considers the pros and cons of a US missile defence base in Poland, saying the project could result in problems not just with Russia but also with Poland's European allies in NATO and the EU. "In this context it is important to know how other Europeans see the project. They seem rather reserved. For Poland this means we risk complicating relations with our allies and partners in NATO and the EU. A US missile defence base in Poland should definitely not be an alternative to NATO or the EU."

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