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Kovacs, Serge

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Élet és Irodalom - Hungary | 14/07/2006

Serge Kovacs on Hungary's role in the Holocaust

In an interview with Julia Cserba, French journalist Serge Kovacs tells the story of his father, who was a spy for the Jewish resistance movement during the Second World War. Working undercover as a Waffen-SS soldier, he spent several years reporting on the activities of the Nazis and the Arrow Cross Party. Kovacs complains that Hungary's archives still remain closed to historians and journalists. "It is common knowledge that the minister of the interior ordered the deportation of Hungarian Jews, and that the Hungarian police actively participated in the execution of this order. And the ministry of defence almost certainly possesses documents about Hungarian soldiers who worked for the Waffen-SS. I wanted to view the documents to check them against my father's records… But I was denied access to the archives. In Szeged, I met a historian who had attempted to gain access several times but was always told that the documents had been lost or destroyed."

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