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Kovac, Dejan

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1.  Dnevnik - Slovenia | 11/02/2015

Minsk won't bring peace

The biggest obstacle to an agreement in Minsk is the fact that the inviolability of Europe's borders on which the East and West agreed in ... » more

2.  Dnevnik - Slovenia | 07/01/2015

Merkel's foreign policy fuels Islamophobia

Germany must do more to understand why so many people support the Pegida movement, the left-liberal daily Dnevnik urges: "German politicians must realise that since ... » more

3.  Dnevnik - Slovenia | 27/08/2014

Europe's politicians at a loss on Ukraine crisis

Those who reduce the Ukraine conflict to Russian-sponsored terror are oversimplifying the situation, the left-liberal daily Dnevnik writes in criticism of Western Europe's attitude: "No ... » more

4.  Dnevnik - Slovenia | 03/07/2014

Obama's failure in Middle East

Barack Obama's Middle East policy has failed and this is evidenced by more than just the fact that his special envoy for peace negotiations threw ... » more

5.  Dnevnik - Slovenia | 08/04/2014

Is Fidesz poised to swing to the right?

Hungary's right-wing conservative ruling party Fidesz won a clear victory in parliamentary elections on Sunday. But while Fidesz won around eight percentage points less of ... » more

6.  Dnevnik - Slovenia | 09/12/2011

Croatia must earn its EU accession

Croatian Prime Minister Jadranka Kosor signs the agreement for the country's accession to the European Union at the EU summit today, Friday, in Brussels. Croatia ... » more

7.  Dnevnik - Slovenia | 04/01/2010

Politicians stoke fears

Whether the subject is terrorism or swine flu, politicians and the media love to fan people's fears, writes Dejan Kovač in the daily Dnevnik: "When ... » more

8.  Dnevnik - Slovenia | 07/12/2009

Obama's nuclear negligence

The Strategic Arms Reduction Treaty, or Start 1, on reducing strategic nuclear weapens in the US and Russia expired last weekend. The online edition of ... » more

9.  Dnevnik - Slovenia | 20/07/2009

Blair is the wrong man for EU president

Once the Lisbon Treaty has been ratified all over Europe the EU must create the post of EU president. The left-leaning daily Dnevnik writes that ... » more

10.  Dnevnik - Slovenia | 06/07/2009

Italy no more than a caricature of democracy

The daily Dnevnik criticises the security laws passed last week by the Italian parliament. Introduced by Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi, the laws tighten sanctions against ... » more


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