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Koutchoumoff, Lisbeth

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Le Temps - Switzerland | 14/05/2007

Politics sets the pace of the Eurovision

"Never again will we be able to watch the Eurovison like before", writes Lisbeth Koutchoumoff. "Up until now we always thought that we were dealing with a silly phone-in that came back every year as a filler for an otherwise dead TV night. Well actually no, it turns out. Even the Eurovision is getting complicated. In order to watch it from now on, you will need to prop open an atlas on your lap, a geo-political, geo-strategic, geo-historical, or geo-something atlas, anyway. All this because, this year anyway, it is the Serbian singer Marija Serifovic who won in Helsinski on Saturday night before 120 million TV viewers and because an analysis of the provenance of votes, as carried out by Jean-Marc Richard for TSR [French-speaking Swiss television], clearly points to unequivocal solidarity among Eastern Europeans. ... The North-Atlantic countries have been sent to the back of the pack, as if frozen out by a cold-war chill."

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