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Kourkoulas, Alkis

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To Vima Online - Greece | 28/05/2008

Europe's understanding for an Islamic Turkey

"The more Turkey accepts and recognises its Islamic identity, the more Western it becomes. This mystery makes Turkey all the more appealing. The dilemma Turkey faces over and again is tied up with the fundamental problems of present-day Europe. Today Europe as a whole... is preoccupied with general identity problems. ... Another mystery is that Europe has adopted a relaxed attitude towards this Turkey. Never before has Europe shown so much understanding for the problems Turkey has struggled to overcome. ... The superpowers who express concern about the 'Islamisation' of Turkey cannot convince Europe - which grew up with the prejudices surrounding the conflict with Islam - that this poses a 'threat'!"

To Vima Online - Greece | 16/12/2005

The trial of Orhan Pamuk in Turkey

"It is not the trial of a man, but the trial of a country," the daily notes, referring to the appearance in court of writer Orhan Pamuk for 'insulting Turkishness'. "By telling a small Swiss newspaper that he recognised the Armenian genocide, Orhan Pamuk challenged Turkey and won the support of the entire world. His trial is set to begin this morning and it will be closely watched by the European Union. Freedom of expression is a European freedom of which Turkey must avail itself if it wants to enter the family of 25. Greek intellectuals and writers have united in support of Pamuk from the beginning and they have even circulated a petition expressing solidarity. Will any of this pressure have an influence on the Turkish court?"  

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