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Kottasová, Ivana

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Lidové noviny - Czech Republic | 11/08/2011

Rioters fighting for flat screens

The rioting youths in the UK are entirely apolitical, in the eyes of the conservative daily Lidové noviny: "For these young people anyone who has managed to set up something, be it only a little shop, is an enemy. The rampages are directed not against the international retail chains or luxury businesses but against the shops of people who come from a similar background to their own but have worked to achieve something in life. ... If the youths wanted to demonstrate against the white majority they would plunder British luxury businesses. But because their main goal is to get hold of a new television they don't care who they steal from. The masked rioters are not fighting for their rights or against the government cuts. They are not trying to call attention to the problems in their community. They only want one thing: to watch Premier League football on a big flat screen."

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