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Kosir, Gregor

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Dnevnik - Slovenia | 21/06/2007

The debate about Slovenian bears

It is estimated that between 400 and 800 brown bears live in Slovenia. A dispute is now raging there about whether the government should permit 100 of them to be hunted and shot this year. Both in Slovenia and abroad, animal rights activists are protesting against such a move. Gregor Kosir of the 'Pozor, medved' (Beware, Bears) project is in favour of the shooting. According to him, when bears attack flocks of sheep "all Slovenia, experts as well as laymen, argue that it's not the bear that's at fault but the humans who can't live with the animal... But we should listen to the people and try to understand their position instead of just passively taking in all the propaganda and clichés of the animal rights activists. Perhaps then we could one day find a solution that suits all sides. Then we could proudly display a Slovenian speciality to Europe: the brown bear in its natural habitat."

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