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Koshlukov, Emil

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Monitor - Bulgaria | 27/04/2007

Emil Koshlukov on Bulgaria's sham politicians

Against the background of the election campaign for Bulgaria's MEPs, in which the music of folk-pop singers is playing a leading role, Emil Koshlukov takes a closer look at Bulgaria's political and economic elites. "True democracy doesn't work here in Bulgaria - it's only a democracy on paper. Since the first years after the fall of communism, the Latin American model has taken root here. Those who were able to get their hands on money back then now make up the economic elite. This elite survived the years of turmoil, preserved its wealth and now has the country under its thumb in the midst of free democracy. State capitalism has become oligarchism. The economy and the state are on the same side... Bulgaria's political elite has disguised itself. Politicians are pinning their hopes on Aziz [a shrill, extremely popular pop-folk singer], who is nothing more than a travesty - a creation of the media. This leads to the conclusion that our politicians have more talent than education. They are a travesty of what politicians should be - they talk like Aziz sings."

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