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Koscinski, Piotr

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Rzeczpospolita - Poland | 28/12/2006

The gas dispute between Gazprom and Belarus

According to commentator Piotr Koscinski, Belarus is facing two dire alternatives: either to remain independent of Russia with President Alexander Lukashenko as its leader or to let itself become slightly more democratic in an alliance with Moscow. According to Koscinski, neither of these scenarios is favourable for Poland. "For years now we've been listening to the same song: if Russia wanted to it could get rid of Lukashenko in an instant. Now the situation doesn't appear to be that straightforward. Alexander Lukashenko could even come out winning, or in other words, strengthen his grip on power. If this happens, Poland will have to seriously reconsider how to deal with a dictator who even Putin was unable to handle."

Rzeczpospolita - Poland | 15/09/2006

The Ukrainian government says no to NATO

During a visit to Brussels, the new Ukrainian Prime Minister, Viktor Yanukovych, made it clear that, unlike Ukrainian President Viktor Yushchenko, he does not want Ukraine to join NATO but he does want EU membership for the country. The European Commission said it sees "no prospect of membership" for Ukraine at present. Piotr Koscinski comments: "Great efforts must be made by pro-European Ukrainian politicians, Europe, NATO and Poland. They must convince Ukrainian society that the North Atlantic Treaty Organization is not merely a weak-willed anti-Russian instrument in the hands of evil American imperialists. They must convince Donezk, Dnjeprpetrovsk and Charkov that membership is a worthwhile goal and offers Ukraine the prospect of quicker modernisation and of coming closer to European standards. Only once this has been done can we start to conceive of a plan for membership."

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