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Kosary, Domokos

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Népszabadság - Hungary | 28/02/2006

The Significance of the Uprising of 1956

In the uprising of October 1956, the Hungarians tried to free themselves from Soviet repression. The Red Army marched in and put an end to the revolution. Historian Domokos Kosary is the director of the commission that is preparing the celebrations for the 50th anniversary of this historical event and explains in an interview with Zsolt Greczy the significance of the uprising: "It was the first, shocking warning to the Soviet Union that the occupied countries were not prepared to put up with everything. We Hungarians played a pivotal role in bringing about the collapse of the Soviet Union. It would be unreasonable to expect western Europe and the US to make amends [for their passive stance]. What's really important is that the revolution's historical and international significance is recognised by the international community. It's very gratifying that the uprising of 1956 was successful: although it was quashed at the time, Europe's interest in winning back the eastern half of the Continent from the Soviet Union prevailed."

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