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Korn, Salomon

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Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung - Germany | 27/10/2008

Salomon Korn on opposition to building mosques

The forthcoming consecration of one of the largest German mosques in Duisburg prompts the architect and vice-president of the Central Council of Jews in Germany Professor Dr Salomon Korn to write about opposition to building mosques in Germany and in other European countries: "In Germany there is always a surge of protest when there is talk of building Islamic prayer houses, places of assembly or schools . ... The less Moslems in Europe are considered part of the respective social majority, the greater the opposition to their mosques. ... Seen in historical terms, the public controversy in Europe about the integration of Moslem immigrants and their mosques has only just begun. And as the controversies about the building of neo-Islamic synagogues in nineteenth-century Germany amply illustrate, even with the social changes that have taken place today, much time will still have to pass before it becomes normal for mosques to tower besides city or village churches. If the day should eventually come when in the collective memory of the Europeans the Turks are no longer standing before the gates of Vienna, and the Moslems who live here declare their unreserved allegiance to Europe and its values, then the onion domes of Baroque churches and the geometric ornamentation of mosques could bear witness in an unbiased manner to something that is still insufficiently anchored in the consciousness of the West: namely, for how long the Orient and Islam - above and beyond art and architecture - have already been part of European history and of the cultural heritage of the Occident."

Die Zeit - Germany | 15/11/2007

Salomon Korn on comparing dictatorships

In an interview with Evelyn Finger, Salomon Korn, vice-president of the Central Council of Jews in Germany, criticises the German government's memorial site concept, dealing with the Nazi era and the history of the GDR. "I also have problems with the formula according to which the Nazi crimes are unique and incomparable. The Holocaust must be compared with other events; otherwise one cannot establish its uniqueness. It is in comparison that it becomes clear that the crimes of the Nazis were on a European scale and the injustice of the GDR was on a scale that covered part of Germany. If you compare what Hitler's Germany did with what the GDR did, you see on one side an inferno without precedent and on the other a gross injustice, but one which was not aimed at destroying a certain minority or other peoples."

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