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Korade, Dragica

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Večer - Slovenia | 30/10/2013

Slovenes must go on demonstrating

Exactly one year after the start of the protests in Maribor, demonstrators once again rallied against cuts in social services on Tuesday. In view of the widespread social misery, Slovenes have no choice but to take to the streets, the conservative daily Večer comments: "The thing that rounded off yesterday's first anniversary is the people's awareness that they must go on protesting. ... The situation has worsened for people who have to earn their own living. It's become clear to the demonstrators that those in power - after snatching up public assets for 20 years - are now flogging off what's left. Where this policy is taking us is clear even to those who have no interest in politics. ... For that reason it's no coincidence that the organisers of the first anniversary of the protests had the following message: In a country where we send our children to school hungry, popular rebellion is not just the people's right, but its sole duty."

Večer - Slovenia | 13/11/2012

Slovenians are sick of politics

Former prime minister of Slovenia Borut Pahor won the first round of the presidential election on Sunday, beating the incumbent Danilo Türk. The candidates will face each other in a runoff vote on December 2. But the low turnout of just 48 percent is a clear sign of the Slovenians' weariness of politics, the conservative daily Večer notes: "Despite the calls to work together to improve the situation in the country, not even half of those eligible to vote cast their ballot. … The truth is that none of the three candidates had an idea that caught on with the masses. At least half of the country's citizens are no longer willing to play along with a political spectacle in which only those who like [the current center-right prime minister] Janez Janša and [left-leaning ex-president] Milan Kučan count. In a political landscape which consists only of 'ours' and 'theirs', half of the citizens can't find 'their' candidate. And this is no trifling matter."

Večer - Slovenia | 01/07/2010

Low incomes stop Slovenians going on holiday

According to a survey conducted by the daily Večer, around 40 percent of Slovenians will spend their holiday in or near Slovenia. Thirty percent said they would not go on holiday at all. Low incomes don't allow people to go on holiday, writes the daily Večer: The survey ultimately showed that the only Slovenians who can afford to go on a proper holiday abroad are those who take home at least 1,600 euros a month. All those who earn only half that sum holiday in Slovenia. The other factors that this largest group of potential holidaymakers have in common are all those indicators reflecting a vicious circle of poverty: a mediocre education, a poor economic and social situation and being over 50. But shouldn't everyone who earns their living through honest work be entitled to a holiday? ... This apparently trivial survey about holidays shows how drastically the situation of the working class in Slovenia has changed. For these people a holiday is a luxury they can't afford."

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