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Konstantinov, Mihail

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24 Chasa - Bulgaria | 01/11/2012

Bulgarian companies must trust Roma

Roma make up almost half of the workforce employed by British car parts supplier William Hughes in southern Bulgaria. Bulgarian employers should follow the British company's example, the daily 24 Chasa comments: "Roma are no different to us, but we are full of prejudice against them and continually stigmatise them. ... The same goes for the integration programmes which sends the message: 'The Roma can't take care of themselves so we must do it'. We should be telling them the opposite: that like everyone else they must make a living not by begging but by working. This will boost their self-confidence. Give a gypsy work, have a little faith in him, and he won't steal from you. Give him the chance to feel human and he will thank you for it. But if you encounter him full of prejudices he will naturally oppose you and attack you from behind."

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