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Konstandaras, Nikos

Kathimerini, Greece

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1.  Kathimerini - Greece | 13/07/2012

Racist violence out of control in Greece

Attacks by neo-Nazi bands occur almost on a daily basis in Greece, but the culprits are hardly ever prosecuted. According to a report by Human ... » more

2.  Kathimerini - Greece | 25/07/2010

Nikos Konstantaras on parallels between Greece and Romania after 1989

The crisis has Romania as much in its grip as Greece, which prompts Nikos Konstantaras to compare the development of the two countries since 1989 ... » more

3.  Kathimerini - Greece | 11/07/2010

Nikos Konstantaras on Europe's weak leaders

The European Union's biggest problem is its lack of internal coordination and strategy, writes Nikos Konstantaras in the Sunday edition of the conservative paper Kathimerini: ... » more

4.  Kathimerini - Greece | 08/07/2010

Greeks must take reforms seriously

The Greek parliament passed a controversial pension reform law on Wednesday. The trade unions have responded today, Thursday, with a general strike. The conservative daily ... » more

5.  Kathimerini - Greece | 28/09/2008

Pessimistic Greeks

According to a study by Eurostat (the Statistical Office of the European Communities) the Greeks are Europe's most pessimistic people. The daily I Kathimerini blames ... » more

6.  Kathimerini - Greece | 01/06/2008

The euro is not to blame for everything

The euro is not to blame for everything, and particularly not for the rising prices, the Greek daily writes. "Germany and France also use the ... » more

7.  Kathimerini - Greece | 22/05/2008

Both Israel and Syria are in need of peace

Nikos Konstantaras comments on the start of peace talks between Israel and Syria under Turkish mediation. "The positive thing is that today both protagonists need ... » more

8.  Kathimerini - Greece | 15/04/2008

Nikos Konstandaras sees protest as a sign of the Olympic flame's significance

The protests that met the Olympic flame on its rally around the world underline the flame's modern significance, writes columnist Nikos Konstandaras. The flame and ... » more

9.  Kathimerini - Greece | 11/02/2008

Kosovar independence will isolate Serbia

"Every nation seeks its independence and no one can blame the Kosovo Albanians for the persistence with which they have pursued theirs," writes the columnist ... » more

10.  Kathimerini - Greece | 21/01/2008

An historical step in the relations between Turkey and Greece

Prime Minister Costas Karamanlis is paying an official visit to Turkey on Wednesday, January 23rd. He is the first Greek premier to do so since ... » more


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