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Konrád, György

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Élet és Irodalom - Hungary | 14/05/2010

György Konrád on the cycle of life

The Hungarian writer György Konrád reflects in the intellectual weekly Élet és Irodalom on the cycle of life: "You describe the orbit of the sun from the morning to the evening, ... you experiment with this one day and when you look around you see that wherever you look you see Odysseus in your fellow human beings. Just like you all the others are experimenting with their lives. They too are balancing between their hopes and the circumstances which surround them. They adapt, take their place in the queue, drop out of it, abdicate, withdraw and return to it once more. All of them carry their biographies around with them, in which the future dissolves and the past spreads out. ... If we join the queue for a visa to the great hereafter, the angel of freedom inevitably rises up before us. He sees right through us without pity, and groaning we find ourselves confronted with the inglorious chain of subjugations we have undertaken in the course of our lives. Our confrontation with the angel of responsibility also wrenches a deep sigh from our chests. It is a fearsome thing to contemplate the long chain of our irresponsible actions, moods, excesses ... and our faint-heartedness."

Sme - Slovakia | 26/04/2010

Joining hands against the extreme right

After the second round of parliamentary elections Viktor Orbán's Fidesz party can now rule the country with the two-thirds majority necessary to amend the constitution. The Hungarian writer György Konrád writes in a commentary for the liberal daily Sme that regardless of its strong showing Fidesz will now feel pressure from the extreme-right Jobbik party: "The Socialists are no danger for Orbán, but the neo-Nazis are. These are the younger siblings of those represented by Fidesz twenty years ago. Political radicalism acts like a boomerang. It's not to be discounted that in the end we'll be lending our support to Fidesz in the fight against its extreme-right rivals, like the French Left once did against Jean-Marie Le Pen's Front National. Who knows who we'll have to join hands with. The situation is anything but funny."

Népszabadság - Hungary | 11/11/2006

György Konrád on the end of wars in Southeast Europe

The Hungarian novelist György Konrád calls on other countries to help promote transnational cooperation in Southeast and Eastern Europe before Bulgaria and Romania join the EU. He says foreign investment can help to combat long-standing animosities between countries in the region. "The spectre of feuds and betrayal is still on the rampage in Southeast and Eastern Europe, although it sometimes seems the region has overcome its glorification of raw, male violence and violent conflicts. It's difficult to break with this tradition... Many politicians in our region still haven't understood that they're not the focal points of history or the protagonists of our times. Their function is to serve the people, not to control them. The citizens of these countries no longer need ringleaders."

Élet és Irodalom - Hungary | 13/10/2006

György Konrád on Europe's cultural substance

In an essay on Hungary, the Hungarian novelist György Konrad asserts that the EU should regard itself not as a political union but as a cultural community, saying that this would give Hungarians the feeling of really belonging to the EU. "The EU spends less than a thousandth of its budget on culture yet it is culture that unites Europe: its symbols, arts, writings, its religious and secular literature, all of which existed centuries and millennia ago, long before the economic and political union of modern Europe was founded."

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