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Kolsek, Peter

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Delo - Slovenia | 06/07/2011

Performance artists also deserve prizes

Slovenian artists stand a good chance of being awarded for their work at one time or another, as fifty prizes are given out in the area of culture. But key cultural areas are neglected in the process, writes the daily Delo: "It is becoming clear that traditional fields like literature and theatre receive strong preference, while the visual arts, dance and movement are neglected. A prize that distinguishes modern performance artists and gives them a wider audience is also missing. But that doesn't mean one of the prizes that now exists should be dispensed with."

Delo - Slovenia | 22/11/2010

Slovenian Film festival neglects Eastern Europe

The 21st Liffe International Film Festival in Ljubljana ended last weekend. The daily Delo praises the excellent selection of films but also notes the festival's limitations: "This is more than obvious, firstly because the number of visitors is no longer growing. And you have to bear in mind, and this is the second negative aspect, that it's more or less always the same curious faces who come to watch the films. And thirdly: the range of films on offer is for the most part excellent but there are many areas that are not shown, first and foremost Eastern European films. The Liffe festival will have to expand in two areas if it is to remain a film Mecca: on the one hand it must provide new cinematic horizons and on the other it must reach out to new target groups - in both a social and a geographical sense: new faces, new places. The good news on both counts is that more than half of those who currently attend the festival are schoolchildren and students."

Delo - Slovenia | 23/04/2010

Slovenia must promote book industry

Starting today, Friday, Slovenia's capital Ljubljana is Unesco's "World Book Capital 2010". The Slovenians need this title, the daily Delo comments: "The Unesco project is aimed at promoting reading. We Slovenians are a people of books. A hundred years ago we wouldn't have needed this title but we do today. Since Slovenia's independence there is a growing feeling that we can live easier without books. Instead of books we have cars and other appliances. But we live in a paradoxical situation: Never have so many books been printed in Slovenian as in the last few years yet never have there been so few buyers and readers. We don't even buy three books a year. We borrow books from libraries, but always the same ones. This is why the print runs of books are dwindling and the pay of those who write or illustrate them is far too low."

Delo - Slovenia | 22/02/2010

Berlinale thumbs its nose at the US judiciary

The big European film festivals are increasingly the stage for political gestures, as amply demonstrated by this year's Berlinale, writes the daily Delo: "Giving the Silver Bear for best director to Roman Polanski on Saturday evening was a political gesture, and even more a collegial gesture. From a film perspective Polanski's film The Ghost Writer doesn't justify such a prize in the least. And anyway it's pretty odd to award the prize for best director to this 76-year-old who has proven his worth hundreds of times. But if it's hard to imagine that the great Polanski, who because of his house arrest in Switzerland was unable to make an appearance, would come away empty-handed, it's even harder to imagine that the jury of one of the biggest European film festivals could let a chance go by to cock a snook at the US judiciary."

Delo - Slovenia | 29/08/2007

Slovenian poetry as a relict of the past?

The Veronika Prize for the best contemporary poetry is awarded Each year in Slovenia. The prize is named after Veronika Deseniska, the second wife of Count Friedrich II of Celje who was said to possess magic powers. Peter Kolsek reflects on poetry's status today. "If you look in bookstores in Paris, London or Vienna, you'll have difficulty finding a shelf dedicated to poetry. And even if there does happen to be one, it'll be very short. Here in Slovenia things are different: we have metres of shelves full of poetry in our bookstores, located just as prominently as those for other types of literature. This is in keeping with our tradition which is still heavily influenced by France Prešeren, the renowned 19th century Slovene poet." Kolsek nonetheless points out that contemporary poetry is struggling today. "Nowadays poetry is perceived as a relict of a pre-modern society, both here and all over the world. We don't see it as profitable, functional or competitive."

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