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Kols, Brigitte

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Frankfurter Rundschau - Germany | 18/05/2007

Towards a mini treaty for the EU

For Birgitte Kols, the new French president Nicolas Sarkozy is "a 'Monsieur one hundred-thousand volts' who feeds energy into his own country, as was the case during the European constitutional process. He has no trouble conveying his message to people... His strategy for winning support, which is even directed at other parties, is the product of the shrewdness of the power tactician. His demonstrative climb onto the German-French tandem is also the result of such tactics. Great Britain is no longer on the inner track of the European race. Sarkozy's cooperation with Merkel aimed at pushing forward the EU constitution could indeed go further than expected. Sarkozy is motivated by the prospect of winning back a leading position within the EU, at Germany's side. Never mind if it takes more than a mini-treaty to achieve this. Pace-setting Sarkozy will collect Euro points and use them - for France."

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