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Koller, Frédéric

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1.  Le Temps - Switzerland | 20/11/2015

No alternative to Merkel's clout in Europe

German Chancellor Angela Merkel has been in power for ten years as of Sunday. Although the chancellor has repeatedly come under fire for her leading ... » more

2.  Le Temps - Switzerland | 23/06/2015

Ukraine conflict threatens entire continent

Notwithstanding the prolongation of the sanctions, the EU is dangerously turning its back on the war in Ukraine, the centre-right daily Le Temps warns: "This ... » more

3.  Le Temps - Switzerland | 02/08/2013

Asylum for Snowden is Putin's revenge on US

Russia has granted former US intelligence service contractor Edward Snowden asylum for a year. The US is very dismayed over the decision. The Snowden affair ... » more

4.  Le Temps - Switzerland | 29/07/2011

Quickly use chance for negotiations

Because Serbia and Kosovo do not want to jeopardise their chances of EU membership by engaging in violence there may be a chance for negotiations, ... » more

5.  Le Temps - Switzerland | 22/10/2010

Germany misunderstands multiculti

With an eye to the statements of German Chancellor Angela Merkel that multiculturalism has failed, the daily Le Temps examines the political concept of multiculturalism: ... » more

6.  Le Temps - Switzerland | 17/08/2010

Beijing plays down its success

Despite becoming the world's second-largest economy China does not want to be seen as a wealthy country, writes the daily Le Temps: "Is this the ... » more

7.  Le Temps - Switzerland | 30/04/2010

Shanghai Expo a communist propaganda show

The World Expo in Shanghai will open on May 1. The event is among other things an instrument of political propaganda, writes the daily Le ... » more

8.  Le Temps - Switzerland | 26/05/2009

North Korea ninth nuclear power

The daily Le Temps writes that North Korea has become a new nuclear power: "Test successful. For those who still had doubts, North Korea has ... » more

9.  Le Temps - Switzerland | 08/12/2008

Tensions over the Dalai Lama

Despite harsh criticism from China, the Dalai Lama and French President Nicolas Sarkozy came together for a meeting in the Polish city of Gdańsk. The ... » more

10.  Le Temps - Switzerland | 10/06/2008

Algeria the next Iraq?

Frédéric Koller looks into the reasons for the rise of terrorism in Algeria in the wake of a series of bomb attacks. "A deadly climate ... » more


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